About us

Founded in 1992 by Anthony Cuming, Grosvenor Butterworth Financial Services Limited was created with a vision of being recognised for the use of creative, innovative and efficient solutions for all manner of financial instruments and problems, irrespective of the complexity.

Developed through our own professional knowledge and an extensive network of highly respected professional connections, our system of targeted wealth management focuses on the full spectrum of individual circumstances and financial events to create bespoke financial planning solutions for companies and individual customers.

This vision has become reality, illustrated by client results and feedback in addition to being reflected through the growth of the company. Our expert team has evolved to include financial advisers with experience in a variety of different financial sectors. We also have a team of specialist researchers or para-planners, to ensure a depth of knowledge, which has become the trademark of the firm. All this is supported by a dedicated team of administrators who have evolved with the business to provide a solid base of support for all the company's activities.

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