Why choose us?

Grosvenor Butterworth Financial Services Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and is based in Cardiff, South Wales. Our promise to you centres on providing bespoke and accurate financial advice to both individual clients and corporate customers.

The services we provide includes amongst others:

  • Wealth management
  • Investments
  • Trustee and Court Deputy services
  • Corporate Pension schemes
  • Individual pension schemes
  • Tax and Estate Planning
  • Portfolio Management

Our aim is to provide a solution based on all the information provided by you in order to draw up a well-organised and thorough arrangement to ensure you achieve your objectives. The aim of the service is to use our expertise to interpret the complex world of finance and the legislation governing it in order to provide you with a tailor made solution. This solution will set you on course to achieve your objectives leaving you with a feeling of reassurance and control over your finances and you will have our expertise and assistance available throughout.

There are five stages to the financial planning process which we promise to follow in order to provide a full and thorough service that ensures that you as our client are fully satisfied that we are dealing with your case in great depth. These include:

  • Initial Meeting – This is the starting point, an opportunity for us to analyse your situation face-to-face to ensure nothing is left out or misunderstood and that all your expectations have been explored and understood.
  • Analysis and Research – we set to work on your case, taking into account all the personal requirements discussed. Your adviser and our team of specialist researchers do this together so no stone is unturned.
  • Provide the solution – Your adviser will meet with you again to discuss the outcome of our research and explain how we can best deal with the concerns highlighted at the initial meeting.
  • Implementation – Once you have agreed with your adviser that we have addressed your concerns thoroughly and you have agreed that we can proceed we will implement the solution we have provided. During this process we will keep you informed of progress and of course we will deal with any additional queries.
  • Reviews – This final stage of the process is vitally important and we have found this it is the one most often neglected. It is essential that any structure we put in place is regularly reviewed. The review process will ensure that the whole plan is achieving what it was set up to do. It will also consider any changes in legislation, which may impede you from achieving your goals, or perhaps present an opportunity to obtain an advantage in obtaining your goals. The review will also take into consideration any changes to your personal circumstances, which impact on the original plan. This we can ensure that the objectives are met.

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