Targeted Wealth Management

Goals Based Planning

At Grosvenor Butterworth we offer a fairly unique service called Targeted Wealth Management. This is a service that we offer to individuals, trustees and businesses which allows the customer to put in to effect specific arrangements and structures which have been tailor made to meet specific objectives at a specific point in time. These could be things like the provision of school or college fees or it could be a planned business merger. The service incorporates the full scope of individual or corporate circumstances and arrangements to create an ongoing financial plan that is bespoke and specific to your needs no matter the complexity of your requirements.

Combining our technical expertise with the capabilities of our advisory team and client previous experiences we build a financial proposal that accounts for your current circumstances, expectations and aspirations with target driven results at specified points in time.

In many instances people have not considered each of their financial needs and commitments in isolation, preferring instead a more one size fits all approach, which can be drawn upon when a specific need arises. They often have omitted to properly consider taxation implications and the consequences of possible changes needed to their original plans.

We have received a lot of positive feedback already from our clients who use this service. Clients have specifically commended our team’s depth of research and information. They have also commented on the clarity when covering some of the most obscure factors of financial planning.

Targeted Wealth Management from Grosvenor Butterworth provides a total solution tailored to your specific requirements, which ensures your plans, can become reality.

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